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A nice smile is not only beautiful, it also promotes good health. No matter what age you are, it is never too early or too late to invest in braces. Damon clear braces are appliances that are fitted in the same way as traditional metal braces. But instead of having brackets that tighten and adjust the braces regularly, Damon braces use a slide mechanism that attaches wires to brackets to move naturally with the teeth as they realign. This makes them more comfortable, better looking and able to provide strong results in a shorter time than traditional metal braces. Damon braces are also more effective at correcting severe crowding and have a lower relapse rate.

Damon clear braces have a number of benefits over traditional braces:

  • Appearance. Their clear brackets make them more aesthetically pleasing because they are virtually invisible.
  • Faster treatment time. On average, patients finish their treatment 7.2 months earlier than those with traditional braces.
  • Less in-office maintenance. Patients need almost half as many appointments to have the appliances adjusted manually.
  • More comfortable. Damon braces are designed to produce excellent results while exerting less pressure on the teeth; this results in less pain and a more pleasant orthodontic experience. 
  • Less friction. Damon braces are made with materials that cause less friction than traditional metal and this avoids erosion and deterioration of the teeth.
  • Healthier teeth.  Damon braces are fitted with incredible precision that leaves fewer places for plaque and bacteria to accumulate on the braces. 

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